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Differentialsperre AIR OX Locker D30 3.73, 27 spline Artikel 3037327AIR Ox Locker Air Locking Differential

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Differentialsperre AIR OX Locker D30 3.73, 27 spline


Jeep Wrangler 71-18


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Ox 3037327AIR Air Locking Differential for 71-18 Jeep Vehicles with 27 Spline Front Dana 30 with 3.73 and Numerically Higher Gear Ratio

Ox Lockers are made from some of the strongest materials produced here in the USA.

Included with the OX lockers is one of the most rugged heavy duty differential covers on the market, with a lip free design to protecting your vehicle and gears from trail hazards.

A four pinion design is used doubling the strength of internal gears.

The special back cut locking gear design ensures your locker stays engaged even under extreme torque loads.

The included OX air shifter is perfect for the enthusiast with onboard air.

The system features a simple dash mount pneumatic switch (no electric) and a mini stainless steel pneumatic cylinder that mounts directly to our heavy duty differential cover.

The air cylinder actuates the lockers internal mechanical shift system.

No electric necessary (that means more reliability) A very low volume of air is necessary, so, a tank, co2 bottle, or compressor can be used, 100 psi is recommended, and system does retrofit.

Made in the USA!


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